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The company ""

The head office of LLP "" is in Astana St. Seifullina 57/1.

The company's main activities are focused on the realization of electrical, telecommunication and cable and wire products. For the design, construction and installation works on the market works on installation department, installation of digital exchanges and computer networks. Over 20 years of experience in the market of Kazakhstan, the company acquired its own specific traditions in the field of implementation in the field of telecommunications network solutions.

We offer advanced IP ATS Panasonic technology that reflect the current needs of our numerous clients. LLP "" supplies telecommunication equipment Panasonic, server cabinets (cabinets), SCS 19-inch components and products of the largest Russian plants of cables and wires.

And all of this - a good quality and at affordable prices for our customers!

Thanks to the professional approach to their work and respect for customers, the company "" has gained a good reputation and loyal customers.


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The company provides and offers the following key activities:

• Installation, mounting various kinds of telephone stations large and small containers of all types of multi-channel communication;

• Supply of cables and wires, as well as all the necessary accessories supplies;

• Balancing and commissioning of telecommunication equipment;

• Installation of low-voltage devices, communication, radio and TV;

• Corporate and local computer networks;

• The implementation of cable products and telecommunications equipment.

Effective solution and complement the actievements of our company was the realization of deliveries under the order of a complex telecom equipment.

Contracts have been signed with manufacturers to supply our wholesale customers cabling and wiring products for the custom manufacturers prices without VAT tax.

The Company headed for sale and technical support of the equipment delivered to customers on direct and distributer channels and complex supply of the materials, the equipment requiring certain knowledge for the decision optimum economic the decision in the field of creation of telecommunication networks.

Being an official dealer of products of Panasonic, we offer all line of models of automatic telephone exchange and system phones and a number of other equipment for the solution of tasks which face any customer who opened new office and decided to improve efficiency of employees and activities of the company in general.

The telecommunication materials and the communication networks and data transmission built by our specialists delivered to Atkaru Telecom zhane Sauda Kompanyasy LLP allow our clients to construct more surely technology of competent work of the employees in the solution of the set business challenges. The offered equipment - very flexible, available, clear, it allows the staff of the company to tell, write and transfer at the same time data, thereby accelerating and accelerating financial turnovers of any company by cost reduction of time. We try as it is possible more full to satisfy requests of our clients in the sphere of telecommunication products and by that to increase the opportunities.

We wish to all Kazakhstan citizens of prosperity, implementation of the plans in reality, and if products delivered by us and services helped these plans to be performed, we would be very glad,

Production "" LLP 

Official partner of LLC Kabelny Alyans Holding and dealer of LLC TD Sevkabel-Saransk, LLC Saranskkabel-Optika
• Cables electro; 
• Communication wires; 
• Cables are fiber-optic;
• Radio and for television; 
• coaxial cables for video surveillance;
• Cables for data transfer;
• Cables of the fire warning; 
• Pipes polyethylene and corrugated D 16 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63;
• Sleeves for communication wires; 
• Cables EUROLAN, Euronet, ECS, Legrand, GETEK, Molex.

• Wires telephone communications; 
• Wires electro;
• Cords and wires of heating of concrete;
• Cable plastic channels and accessories from 10 mm to 160 mm;
• Metal cable trays for intra network backbones.

Equipment, electro:
• Shitki of lighting, breakers, sockets and boxes open and under plaster;
• Single-phase and three-phase counters. Equipment of communication, radio and TV;
• Distributive cabinets and boxes, boxes;
• Insulators, крючья, wood-grouse and cable platforms;
• Wells, manholes, brackets, consoles and and/c pipes with delivery;
• Transformers, radiostoik, antennas TV amplifiers.

 The official dealer of IP Panasonic in the city of Astana
• Telephone analog, digital, IP of the station Panasonic, Siemens. (A configuration at the request of the customer);
• Telephone sets, cordless telephones and faxes;
• Equipment of video of observation Panasonic;
• A system conference for halls and meetings of Panasonic;
• Modems for the ADSL and ISDN network (the project Megalayn Astanatelekom);
• Equipment of firm to "Krone", plinths, tools, boxes, and cabinets;
• Materials of 19 inches (cabinets, panel patch, organizers and sockets);
• Equipment for optics: panels, boxes, sleeves, pikteyla and cords;
• Sound intensifying hardware (amplifiers, converters, microphones);
• Loudspeakers: ceiling, wall, street;
• Switches for conference calls and park chatter boxes;
• Accumulators and fasteners;
• Cable plastic channels and accessories.