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Automatic telephone exchange Panasonic KX-TDA100D

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Описание товара 

• Digital exchange

• Initial capacity of system: 8 external and 32 internal lines

• Limit capacity of system: to 120 external lines, to 176 internal lines, 128 DECTs subscribers

• Possibility of connection of 8 digital phones

• Microcellular communication of the DECT standard

• Support of Russian on the display of system phone and in SMDR

• DISA function (direct access to system resources)

• Uniform distribution of calls with functions of the electronic secretary (UCD)

• Mobile integration (CALLER ID)

• Calling line identification (CALLER ID)

• Call routing on CALLER ID

• Flexible distribution and restriction of calls

• Intellectual system of routing of outgoing calls (ARS)

• Compatibility with any analog telephone sets, faxes, modems

• Embedded hotel functions

• Embedded functions of call center

• A possibility of programming from the computer, on a local area network, on the modem, on the Internet and through an ISDN network

• Possibility of connection of external speech KX-TVM50 and KX-TVM200 Panasonic processors

• Monitoring and switch-off of faulty external analog lines

• Possibility of connection of external sensors and devices

• Integral unit of a power

• Intellectual system of routing of outgoing calls (ARS)

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