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Mini automatic exchange ТЕS 824 RU

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Описание товара 

Hybrid analog exchange of small capacity with optimum feature set. Compatibility with any analog telephone sets, faxes, modems.

The automatic telephone exchange of Panasonic TES824 can be used as an effective communication system for automatic routing of calls, processing and distribution of calls at offices, in private houses and cottages. Property of "hybridism" means that it is possible to connect both the system, and normal analog telephone set or the fax, and also the wireless telephone to the internal line, the DECT type. It is possible to connect to any internal port of the station in addition to normal phones, answering machines, modems, faxes and cordless telephones (a distance of 1128 m).

Initial capacity of system: 3 external and 8 internal lines. Limit capacity of system: 8 external and 24 internal lines. Capacity of TES824 can be increased by means of the expansion mezzanine boards KX-TE82483, KX-TE82480, KX-TE82474

Possibilities of the KX-TES824RU system:

To 8 external lines

To 24 internal lines

DISA function

Routing of the SMS

Panasonic KX-TES824RU functions:

The three-level automatic operator (it is possible to use all-in-one voice menus).

The built-in DISA on 1 channel with OGM extends to 2 channels.

Support of Russian on the display of system phone and in SMDR.

DISA function (direct access to system resources).

Services of a voice mail for all internal subscribers (option).

The additional module for voice mail

Programming from the computer (USB), on the modem or from system phone.

Recognition and automatic readdressing of facsimile calls.

Display of calling number (Caller ID) on displays of system and normal phones.

Operation modes: day/night/lunch.

Flexible distribution and restriction of calls.

Compatibility with any analog telephone sets, faxes, modems.

An opportunity to control costs of communication (the detail report on the computer/printer).

The connector for connection of reserve power capability.

Connectors for connection of on-door speakerphones / remote control of the lock of an input door (option).

The teleconference function with an involvement to 5 subscribers.

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