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  The company "Atkaru telecom zhane Sauda Kompaniyasy" is the official dealer of Panasonic in Astana. Telecommunication products  from Panasonic is completely Russified, and is ideal for use in the CIS countries.


OOO "Alliance Holding, Cable" 

  The company "Atkaru telecom zhane Sauda Kompaniyasy" is an official partner of the LLC "Alliance Holding, Cable" combines belonging "Ural Mining and    Metallurgical Company" (OOO "UMMC-Holding") cable assets. The holding consists of: JSC "Electrocable" Kolchugino Plant ", JSC" Sibkabel ", ZAO" Uralcable "and OAO" NIKI Tomsk ".



  The German company "HELUKABEL" is one of the leading companies engaged in the design, manufacture and supply all cables and all components for the different spheres and sectors of consumption. The beginning of the creation of  "HELUKABEL"  company became 1978. The company produces a wide range of cable products, including 33,000 titles, which are in great demand in Germany and in the world market.



GETEK established itself on the market as one of the leading companies thanks to the quality of manufactured products and a wide range.  The company has a full range of telecommunication equipment, optical fiber and optical equipment, as well as LAN cables.


Hengtong Optic-Electric

        Hengtong Optic-electric CO, Ltd was founded in June 1993. The company has a full range of optical-electrical cable industry cluster: Consumer  electronics, high speed industrial clusters cable data cable, high-speed cable, etc. signal.



Almaty IT telecom

             The company «Almaty IT telecom» is one of the leading and most dynamically developing Kazakhstan distributor of telecommunication and electrical  equipment. Our company has more than 15 years is the market production of both Kazakh and foreign production. The range of products supplied by  «Almaty IT telecom» covers the entire spectrum of modern highly reliable electrical and telecommunications equipment.




     The company operates on the market since 2000. It is one of the industrial enterprises GK "Optikenergo". With huge production facilities and   modern equipment of  "Saranskkabel - Optics" produces the whole range of fiber-optic communication cables used for the trunk, intrazonal and distribution with   regard to the requirements and  wishes of the customer. The cables are manufactured on equipment NEXTROM companies, Nexans, Bartell Machinery Systems LLS materials from leading foreign firms  Corning Inc, Borealis Polymers, Condor Compaunds,  DuPont and others.